my tumblr summed up in 6 questions

URL: starksmercy

top 4 fandoms you’ll see:

  1. the last of us
  2. teen wolf…
  3. game of thrones?
  4. kenneth (blacklist: #this book is trash)
top 3 celebrities you’ll see:
  1. all the uswnt
  2. dbrad
  3. … others

top 3 other topics you’ll see:

  1. rwby
  2. sports (blacklist: #soccer post)
  3. games

do i make graphics: if that’s what you want to call them

my askbox is: open… send me anon hate so i know we’re real


pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 


#TBT to a really long time ago.


Somehow I managed to get 1000 followers (how even??) and I wanted to say thanks to everyone for following me. I never thought I’d get this many followers when I first started this blog and this is insane. Whether you’ve been following me since I was a roleplay helper or just followed me recently, I’d like to say thanks for sticking with me and for putting up with my stupidity on a daily basis. c:

Below are a list (because I was too lazy to make separate sections plus you’re all equally as awesome okay) of really cool blogs ranging from my close friends, people I’ve talked to a few times and even people I’ve never talked to before but I really enjoy seeing you on my dash. 

achilleswrites, alisonhendrixrps, allmymuses, apathy1x1, ariantourage, avengiary, axioswrites, basedmarina, benedicthelps, braanstarks, brita1x1, butcherofblavikenrps, caliwrites, capuletwrites, chameleonwrites, charwrites, claratyroleplays, chrishemswxrth, coldwriter, cosimaroleplays ,creaturerps, evilqueenwrites, freesiateas, gabeofrp, greenewrites, gwenwrites, holllandmarie, idiosyncraticsoul, janeroleplays, joeerps, jordanroleplays, kapowskiwrites, kasteriaiwrites, khuleesi, lyonwrites, magicwrites, mesonoxianwritings, naberiius, neverlandswriter, nogitsunewrites, notanrperbutawriter, persephonewrites, poehlerfey, poonine, princesswriting, punkrph, ravenclawwrites, remuslupyn, renrps, rookiewrites, rphelper, saberwolves, scarletwitchwrites, slytherclaw-writes, starksmercy, swansonrps, thefirstarchitect, theoutsiderwrites, tragedywrites, unicornwrites, usagi1x1, veritaserumwrites, watsonwrites, winterfellwriteswintersoliderwrites, wolffwrites, zoeyrph

Again, thanks for following me! (big thanks to veritaserumwrites for making the graphic for me, and to ardnchos for being my 1000th follower!)

the expendables 3 was like “we need one girl. one girl. we have thirty guys we definitely need one girl. that’s a service”

When she pushes Joel it’s the first time she’s gotten physical with him and stands up. On the surface it looks like this petulant child but at the same time you see the strength of someone that’s willing to push this barbaric individual. -Troy Baker.

parrish is a vampire bc look at his teeth